Month: September 2017

The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet is yet another diet with shakes, snacks and soups. They are meant to fulfil all daily nutritional requirements and can lead to a rapid weight loss.

The whole diet is divided into 6 diet plans starting with Step 1 ‘Sole Source’ (415 calories), where you only eat the products available, to Step 6 ‘Maintenance’ (1500 calories) where you eat a healthy diet but also meal replacements if necessary. A so called Cambridge Diet Consultant will help you choose the right program or Step to start with and will monitor your success.

When looking at the program or the Cambridge Diet, it didn’t become clear to me what qualifications those consultants have at all. So if you consider starting on this diet you might want to ask your GP first. According to the BDA you should have medical supervision anyhow if you are eating less than 600 calories a day.

Anyway, having to stick to shakes and stuff might be pretty boring and not easy to stick to long term. But if you want a sudden weight loss you might as well give it a try. It should at least be cheaper than Weight Watchers. You might suffer from initial side effects though such as bad breath, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, nausea and constipation.

I mean a rapid weight loss is very promising but at what cost? Maybe not so much financially, but what if you don’t want to stick to the Cambridge Diet any longer. How likely are you to put on weight again? And how healthy are those shakes, bars and soups really?

But maybe you’d like to buy the book to get some more information on the diet.

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