How the Atkins Diet works

How the Atkins Diet works

I will start with the Atkins Diet, as I think most people have heard of this low carb diet.

As a cardiologist Dr. Atkins was of course concerned about his patients weight and designed this low carb diet to help them lose it and keep it off. Many of them had previously struggled with other low calorie diets.

Our body requires two types of fuel, carbohydrate and fat. And many low calorie diets that people struggle with are still high in carbohydrates, that our body turns into sugars.
And this makes our blood sugar levels rise and when they drop again we get hungry again. The body does not only store the excess sugar as fat, but when the blood sugar levels drop again, we feel hungry and tired. We are craving more carbohydrates.

Dr. Atkins idea was to limit the carbohydrates so that the body burns fat, including the body fat. You have constant energy levels all day long and even though you might intake more calories as with a low calorie diet, you still lose weight without feeling hungry.

The first two weeks of this diet with the lower carb intake are pretty hard though, and some people feel tired and dizzy during this time.

In the second phase more carbs are slowly added again for dieters to find their best carbohydrate balance. The third phase is meant to fine tune the carbohydrate intake so that dieters reach the weight they’ve been aiming for and maintain it for at least for 4 weeks.

After that dieters are meant to continue with this diet for as long as they want to keep their weight down.

The Atkins Diet all in all seems to guarantee a rapid and fairly healthy weight loss, but sticking to the low carb approach might be hard for some people. And abandoning this fairly strict diet might lead to a rapid weight gain.

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