The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 Diet

The Intermitten Fasting Diet or Fast Diet or as it is better known the 5:2 Diet allows you to feast for 5 days and then fast for two.

Sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? But how does the 5:2 Diet really work?

Eating normally for 5 days a week is indeed pretty straight forward but restricting yourself to 500 calories for women or 600 for men is probably pretty hard. It doesn’t matter which days you choose to fast as long as they are non-consecutive.

As not much is known so far about the long-term effects of the 5:2 Diet but the NHS guidelines state that the side effects can be sleeping difficulties, bad breath, irritability, anxiety, dehydration and daytime sleepiness.
You can of course prevent the dehydration by drinking lots of water and you should indeed do so as it will certainly make you feel less hungry.

And apart from all the downsides, the 5:2 Diet does seem to work as research showed that doing this diet is as efficient as a calorie restricted diet.

And diet can actually bring health benefits too according to the NHS guidelines. They are an increased lifespan, protection from diseases such as Type 2 diabetes or cancer and improved cognitive function and protection against conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

So if you want to put up with two days of hunger and misery per week, just give it a try. But before you consider doing the 5:2 Diet, you should have a word with your GP as it might not be a good idea for pregnant women or people with diabetes.

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