The Slim Fas Diet

The Slim Fas Diet

Well, the Slim Fast Diet. I can remember I’ve tried it about 25 years ago. So this is indeed a weight loss concept that has been around for a long time.

But how does it actually work?

You pick 3 snacks a day, either fruit and veg or a Slim Fast snack, you have two meal replacements like a shake, a Slim Fast meal or a Slim Fast bar. And last but not least you have a balanced meal with 600kcal. You also drink 2 litres of water and have a lot of exercise every day.

This certainly is a diet plan for those who want to lose weight quickly without having to think too much about what to eat. They can just choose form what is on offer and buy the products.

To me it seems more like weight loss by all means. Bars with lots of sugar instead of healthy vegetables? Not quite my idea of a healthy diet. And what if you don’t like the shakes, bars, snacks and meal replacements? And what about the costs? Wouldn’t it be cheaper and even more satisfying to prepare your own healthy food. It might be more time consuming, but for sure a lot healthier.

The Slim Fast Diet might be a way to kick-start your weight loss, but does little to actually educate you about how to change your eating habits and live healthy.

And what do you do once you have reached your weight loss goal? If you don’t stick to the shakes and stuff you’re most likely to put weight on again in no time.

I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my days drinking shakes and eating meal replacements. Even though I must admit, that losing weight just by drinking a few shakes instead of eating meals is tempting because it is easy. But on the other hand I remember that 25 years ago the shakes were horrible and I didn’t like them very much and even though they were quite filling, you were hungry again in no time.
Looking at the list of ingredients of the shakes, I’m not surprised any more. Second on the list is maltodextrin, a filler which has a high glycemic index, even higher than table sugar, and spikes your blood sugar. Maltodextrin can actually be dangerous for people with diabetes symptoms of insulin resistance. And as soon as your blood sugar levels drop you are hungry again. And chocolate bars with lots of sugar as a snack? Not really my idea of a healthy diet.

I’d rather eat a proper meal made of healthy veg and lean meat and be satisfied for hours than eat snacks and meal replacements.

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